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The Halo Group is an innovative & dynamic London based creative structure specialist offering forward thinking solutions to a diverse portfolio.

We own a revolutionary steel build system that is changing the way people approach indoor & outdoor temporary structures, festival stage design, brand activations, exhibition stand design, hospitality & VIP areas, viewing platforms and sporting events.

Our structure formations are highly versatile and can be tailored to fit any footprint, design or brief. This flexibility enables The Halo Group to offer our clients an unrivaled end product, especially when coupled with our multi award-winning production services.

The Halo Group’s creative structures can be clad in any material, finish or style. Its self ballasting and weight-baring capacity also means that integrating AV, sound, lighting or heavy production is not an issue. The system also allows us to build over multiple levels quickly, easily and safely in line with the most stringent H&S guidelines.

Easy to transport & quick to construct The Halo Group modular steel build system is a cost effective bespoke solution to a broad-range of specifications. Call The Halo Group today to find out more.

The system in its simplest form is made up of lightweight steel RSJ beams and connectors. It can be put together in almost any configuration to form structures of any size and dimension, even across multiple levels. Each beam features an M16 bolt hole set at 500mm intervals allowing for easy integration of a wide range of production features. Multiple roofing options are available ranging from premium solid roofs to stretch marquees. Additional staircases, windows, doors, glass balustrades, chrome handrails, carpeting and other features are available on request.

Tokyo Nights

For the Night Tales – Tokyo Nights project The Halo Group designed and built a range of bespoke two-tier temporary structures to create a Tokyo themed, multi-story metropolis set. We opted for a stretch tent roofing system, which was pitched across the site to protect from the elements. We joined some of the structures together with specially designed bridges using our modular steel build system.

Birdies Crazy Golf

The Birdies Crazy Golf project utilised The Halo Groups modular steel build system to create a series of raised crazy golf holes. Bespoke length beams were used to create elevated sections of the course for the event organisers.

V Festival

This fully branded event bar for Carling at both V-Festival sites featured a 5mx15m viewing platform formation, fixed bracing, fixed handrails, 1 staircase, raised decking, gripped floor boards and a stretch canopy roofing system.

Background Bars

The Halo Group has designed and built a range of temporary structures for Background Bars, the organizers of the hugely successful Night Tales and Summer Tales pop up food, drink and entertainment venue in East London. Historically these have included a 15mx5M mezzanine formation, a 10mx10m two-tier structure a 5x10M two story bar and seating space and a bespoke raised deck area.

Nike 10K

This large event bar for Nike featured a 5mx30m ground level frame, a fixed roofing system, external stud wall cladding, high gloss graphics designed and applied to dibond panels and a fully functional bar and back bar wall.

Smart Water

This sampling bar for Smart Water at the Nike 10K run event featured two 5mx5m viewing platforms joined together by a bridge, ground floor, fixed beams, fixed handrails, 1 staircase, a raised ground floor, exterior cladding, mezzanine cladding an a fixed bar unit for product distribution.


This premium hospitality area and bar structure at Royal Ascot featured a 5mx15m viewing platform sitting on a 10m x 15m deck, , fixed bracing, 1 staircase, premium glass balustrades & chrome handrails with chrome trim. The whole structure was covered by a white stretch canopy that was rigged with ground anchors.

GQ Awards

This highly bespoke delivery for Timebased Events for the GQ Awards featured a specially installed 5mx15m mezzanine balcony complete with premium glass balustrade, chrome handrails a raised steel deck tiered platform and floorboards.

Martini Williams

This international multi destination touring brand activation for Martini-Williams during the Formula One campaign featured a bespoke hexagon shaped structure formation with 35 bespoke ‘Fans’, specially designed to mimic engine components in Formula One. A bespoke scalloped stretch canopy was designed to cover the bar areas and the whole terrace was clad with premium materials and branding elements.

EPS Exhibition Bar

The Halo Group recently designed and built a 5mx10m exhibition bar for the organizers of the Event Production Show. Our system is perfect for creating bars in many different formations and designs. This configuration is ideally suited to indoor builds. It has multiple overhead mounting points and stud wall fixing points all four sides making it easy to attach branding, production and infrastructure.

EPS Exhibition Stand

The Halo Group designed and built a bespoke exhibition stand for Conference Haul at International Confex 2015. Using the Halo modular steel build system, we created a mock artic trailer unit which was coupled to the clients tractor cab in a highly original exhibition stand design. This project perfectly illustrates the flexibility our system allows our design team to create our customers show stopping results.

EPS Trees

The Halo Group designed and built a bespoke exhibition stand for Conference Haul at International Confex 2015. Using the Halo modular steel build system, we created a mock artic trailer unit which was coupled to the clients tractor cab in a highly original exhibition stand design. This project perfectly illustrates the flexibility our system allows our design team to create our customers show stopping results.

Cath Kidston

This press event PR stunt for Cath Kidston featured a modified 5mx5m exterior pop-up, a raised floor, fixed roofing system, fixed bracing, a specialist hinged reinforced stud wall and mechanical release system on the 4 side panels.

Night Tales 2014

For this project, The Halo Group designed and built a series of temporary structures including a 10mx10m viewing platform with two staircases, fixed bracing and fixed hand rails and two bespoke two story structures also with the same technical specifications. The two bespoke formations were joined together by a specially constructed bridge also using our modular steel build system. All the structures on site were clad in different materials and had a wide variety of lighting, sound and production elements incorporated.


This touring festival brand activation for Tuborg at Wireless, Reading Festival and Download featured a 5mx20m viewing platform formation, fixed bracing, a weatherproofed under floor system, a bespoke bar unit, experiential area, two staircases, wood cladding and a range of production elements.

GlobalGathering VIP Tree House

This festival VIP area at Global Gathering featured a 5mx10m viewing platform, a ground floor, fixed bracing, fixed handrails, a stretch marquee roofing system, full leg and handrail cladding and production, wood cladding on the structure interior and a bespoke DJ booth installation.

GlobalGathering The Bunker

This creative structure design at Global Gathering featured a 15m x 15m ground floor exterior structure formation, fixed bracing, a flat roof with weather proofing, reinforced angled steel deck, modified leg upright. The whole exterior was designed and built in house and finished with theatrical paint techniques. The interior set was specially designed to create a full immersive projection mapping experience.

Night Tales 2013

For this project, The Halo Group designed and built a 5m x 15m viewing platform. The formation featured one staircase, fixed bracing, fixed handrails and a stretch tent roofing system. The exterior was clad in natural materials and festive lighting to create the look and feel required by the client. The ground floor was fitted with a large bar and a secondary cocktail bar and lounge area was also fitted upstairs.

Circus Space

For this project The Halo Group designed an built a bespoke temporary venue on the roof of the Circus Space building in Hoxton. Using our modular steel build system, we created a skeletal frame before cladding it to resemble a garden shed. Inside, a more modern aesthetic was given to the decor as the purpose of the room was intended to be used as a meeting space. The build brought acute access challenges which were over come by unloading and transporting all build materials by hand up the staircase of the building. The project was kept confidential from all building staff which entailed completing the build over night to ensure complete secrecy ahead of the big reveal.


This festival brand activation for Barclaycard at Wireless Festival, featured a 5mx10m viewing platform structure formation, fixed bracing, fixed handrails and a fully weatherproofed flat open deck. The interior and exterior was completely clad using prefabricated panels and high gloss Dibond panels.


For this project The Halo Group designed and built a 10mx10m 1st floor structure with a quarter roof, fixed bracing, fixed handrails and one staircase. Stud walls were installed to incorporate the production elements of this build, which took on a trailer park style aesthetic.

Gieves and Hawkes

This brand activation for gieves & Hawkes at the Best of British Festival at Buckingham Palace featured a 4mx8m exterior pop-up structure formation, raised flooring, a full PVC branded wrap, exterior and interior frames and a frame underlay.


For this project The Halo Group designed and build a 10mx10m, viewing platform with a fixed roof, fixed handrails, fixed bracing and two staircases. A large Light box was fitted to the fascia of the structure. Stud walls were installed to create a blank canvas across the two levels, which were finished using printed foamex panels.


For this project The Halo Group designed and build a 10mx10m two-tier structure with a fixed roof, two staircases, fixed bracing and fixed handrails. A wide variety of different materials were secured directly to the structure to create a shantytown effect for the client.

RPM Sky - Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Halo Group designed and built a two-storey temporary venue for RPM on behalf of Sky Sports at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Halo Group offers a structure frame hire service for clients who wish to undertake their own production and branding. This specialist service makes The Halo Group the leading supplier for modular steel frame structures of this type in the UK.

Somersby Manor - Read, Wireless & Download Festival

The Halo Group built a bespoke temporary structure for Somersby at Reading, Wireless and Download festival in 2015 & 2016. Modelled on a Georgian manor house this specialist two-storey temporary venue functioned as a bar and entertainment venue on each site. The project utilised our modular steel build system to create the skeletal frame which was then fitted with prefabricated panels onsite. Our system is simple to clad with almost any finish making it one of the most versatile systems on the market.

Ramblin Man Fair

The Halo Group designed and build a large VIP area for Ramblin Man Fair in 2015. This imposing 5mx15m two-storey structure featured a large stretch canopy roof which covered the structure and the larger surrounding footprint which extended out to cover the whole 10mx20m plot. Our modular build system comes with a range of different roofing options including stretch tents, fixed roofs and other bespoke solutions.

Relentless Energy - Freeze Festival

The Halo Group built a creative structure for Relentless Energy at Freeze Festival in 2013. For this project, we designed and built a single storey 10mx10m structure which was fitted with a waterproof fixed roof over the main space and an adjoining stretch tent that covered a separate decking area at the rear of the activation. Our system is highly flexible when it comes to incorporating heavy production elements such as the oversized lightbox which was fixed directly to the fascia of the structure. The high load baring qualities of our structure system make our structures more versatile than any other on the market.

Qatar Goodwood Festival

The Halo Group designed and built a bespoke hospitality area for the organisers of the Qatar Goodwood Festival in 2016. This 5mx15m two-tier structure featured an in-built service bar on the ground floor and a media area on the mezzanine level with prime views of the parade ring lawn. The structure boasted premium features such as an extended deck area, glass balustrades, chrome handrails and fitted carpet. The Halo Group pre-fabricated panels which bolted onto the frame onsite before being finished by the organisers’ branding partners. Our system is ideally suited to hospitality builds, particularly when gaining height or creating a viewing platform is required.

EPS 2016

The Halo Group designed and built a premium exhibition stand for the organisers of The Event Production Show at Olympia in 2016. The structure functioned as the show’s main bar. Set over two levels, this bespoke structure featured a bar and lounge area on the ground floor and a networking space on the upper level. Our system is ideally suited for creating exhibition stands. Its modular design makes it scalable and in terms of production and branding, its flexibility means almost any material can be fixed directly to its frame. Easy to design and quick to build onsite, The Halo Group’s structure portfolio offers unlimited possibilities.

Fit Bit

The Halo Group designed and built a bespoke structure in the form of an obstacle course on behalf of Outside Collective and end client Fitbit at the Olympic Stadium in 2016. This unique project illustrates the versatility of our steel build system. More commonly used to build temporary venues, hospitality areas and brand activations, our system’s modular construction method means it can also be used for bespoke projects. Our in-house structure design team helped Outside Collective and Fitbit create a series of challenging obstacles. Each featured a steel skeletal frame which was then clad using ply flats before being branded onsite to create the overall effect.

InterMedia UK - Gay Pride Float

The Halo Group designed and built a mobile stage and float for InterMedia UK at Gay Pride in 2016. Our modular steel build system was constructed on the trailer of a flatbed truck to provide support for a large LED screen, AV equipment, a PA and a range of creative production features. The Halo Group’s system is ideal for stage design. In this example, our design team created a solution that allowed the stage to be transported at the event which is a distinct advantage over traditional stage construction methods. This bespoke structure helped our client stand out at this fantastic, flamboyant event.

Gap Inc

The Halo Group specialises in bespoke exhibition stand design and build and was commissioned by Gap in 2016 to create an activation at Graduate Fashion Week. The Halo Group built a 5mx3m skeletal frame using their modular steel build system. The system is highly flexible and can be built to almost any size, configuration or design. Once constructed, the exhibition stand was clad with scenic production to create a functional and aesthetically appealing space for the brand.

Epsom Racecourse

The Halo Group specialise in creating hospitality venues, bars for sporting events and viewing platforms. In 2016 we were commissioned by Epsom Racecourse to help redesign the infrastructure for the Epsom Derby. The project featured multiple structures onsite including an access bridge connecting The Queen’s Stand and the adjacent bar area built by The Halo Group. This 10mx20m mezzanine platform positioned on 20mx15m deck featured a service bar and VIP area. On the Parade Ring lawn a 5mx30m two-tier mezzanine structure accommodated a lounge area on the upper deck and a 25 metre service bar on the lower level. A series of 3.5mx3.5m pop-up units were provided to house the course bars.

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